Things To Try Before Calling In An Exterminator

Exterminators can be expensive and once you start using them you will need to continue to use them in order to maintain what they have done previously.  In many states, an exterminator may cost you twenty-five dollars a month which could cost you around three hundred dollars a year.  Now, for some people hiring mosquito control services in Germantown might be a great investment, but for others, they might like to find other solution.

Burn candles

Fire and smoke are all deterrents to many insects and creatures.  When they sense the heat or they encounter the smoke they are unable to breathe and hence survive.  So, if you can light candles, torches or even start a bond fire, be careful of course, you can create an environment that is unpleasant to them.

Use pesticides

There are many pesticides and bug sprays that you can purchase over the counter.  What you can do is you can have these nearby you as you travel outside or might encounter these insects. However, this can be dangerous to your health as well as to the environment. 

Use bug zappers

Another option is a bug zapper.  Similar to pesticides you can use a bug zapper to attract the insects to it and once they encounter it, will be killed by the electrical charge. This is a better solution than using pesticides but will still cost you a little for the unit as well as using your electricity.  Also, you will have to periodically have to clean out the zapper.

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Stay inside

You can also stay inside.  This is not really ideal especially when it is so nice outside, and you want to enjoy the cool night air just like everyone else.  Other options are to have a screened in area where you can stay that will be a barrier between you and the bugs which will be your most effective option.